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Navy Week Brings Sailors To Boise

It’s Navy Week in Boise, an event designed to bring the Navy to places that don’t have a port and don’t get a lot of contact with this segment of the Armed Forces. Every year since 2005, the Navy has picked a small number of cities for Navy Week. This year, fifteen cities have the honor, including Dayton, Des Moines and Boise. Sailors are in town to show off their skills. That includes sailors from the city’s namesake, the USS Boise. Los Angeles-class fast attack submarines, like the Boise,...
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Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

The Barber Dam in east Boise lost power one night in February of 2015. Once offline, the flow of water through the hydroelectic plant stopped – causing the river to run dry for about eight hours.

Scott Graf / Boise State Public Radio

Public officials, civic leaders and members of the Idaho media wrapped up a three-day conference in Boise Tuesday. Their focus: to figure out ways to make political discourse in the state more civil.

Update, Tuesday at 8:04 a.m.: 

A south-central Idaho man shot and killed by law enforcement officers on Interstate 84 has been identified.

Idaho State Police say 34-year-old Matthew David Conrad of nearby Hammett died at the scene Tuesday morning after he pointed a gun at two Elmore County sheriff's deputies who opened fire.

Police say that Conrad stole a pickup and tried to elude police but officers used a maneuver to force him off a rural road and into a field near the north side of the interstate.

Benjamin Nolan / Flickr Creative Commons

Despite Idaho’s “world famous” potatoes, the International Potato Center is actually in Lima, Peru. After all, that's the part of the world where the potato originated. The center has the largest potato gene bank, with the goal of conserving biological diversity of the plant.

The organization’s overall mission is a lofty one: to battle global poverty through partnerships and technology. 


The Boise Rescue Mission is experiencing a financial crisis. The Christian organization’s leaders say it’s not because of lack of generosity from the community.

 The Rescue Mission has two homeless shelters in Boise and two in Nampa. Holiday contributions are important for keeping those shelters open. And direct mailing is the key to bringing that money in. So when a piece of holiday mail just didn’t get sent last year, CEO Bill Roscoe says the mission was hit hard.

Wikimedia Commons

Speed limits have increased by 20 mph on three state highways in Idaho.

KIDK-TV reports that 50 mph signs are being replaced with 70 mph signs on U.S. 20, Idaho 22 and Idaho 28 after the Idaho Transportation Department determined that most drivers go between 70 and 80 mph on those roads.

The IDT says increasing speed limits can result in fewer crashes.

Part of Idaho 28 south of Leadore will be also be increased from 45 to 55 mph.

Current speed limits remain in effect until the new signs are installed.

Simon Engel / Flickr

Last week, an Idaho environmental group accused a plastic bag producer of violating federal laws on reporting toxic waste.

Now the Idaho Conservation League says it was mistaken in its initial assessment. ICL says Novolex’s Jerome facility is in compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

“We are pleased to say that Novolex has demonstrated to us that its Jerome facility was in compliance with EPA emission reporting requirements,” said Austin Hopkins, Conservation Assistant for the ICL.

The City Club of Boise is hosting a civility summit July 31 through August 2. It’s part of City Club’s yearlong focus on promoting civil, public discourse.

Erin Fenner / Idaho Statesman

State and federal officials in Boise announced Friday that two Adams County Sheriff's deputies involved in the shooting death of a rancher last year near Council will not face charges.

Both Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and U.S. Attorney Wendy Olsen say they will not charge deputies Cody Roland and Brian Wood in Jack Yantis' November 1 death along Highway 95. Wasden's office has spent four months reviewing information provided after an Idaho State Police investigation.

Sally Boynton Brown / Teton Valley News

From Rachael Horne of the Teton Valley News:

On Tuesday, the Idaho delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia had cast 20 votes for Senator Bernie Sanders and seven for Hillary Clinton, who went on, as expected, to clinch the Democratic Party nomination for president. Much has been made nationally about party unity after a fierce primary season. Still, the Idaho delegation was united by a unique symbol that originated in Teton County, Idaho — the Donkalope.


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