Donate Your Car

Support Boise State Public Radio with a Car Donation

Is your beloved car ready for retirement? It’s been good to you so why not let it do one more benevolent act and benefit all of the great programming at Boise State Public Radio.
It’s easy – here’s how it works:
Call Toll Free 1-877-278-9664 and speak with one of our Vehicle Donation Specialists – or fill out the form online and our specialists will give you a call.

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Vehicle Donation F.A.Q.

How do I make a donation?
Complete the donation request form on the BSPR site and the Idaho Youth Ranch Auto Center will contact you with all the information. You can also call the IYR Auto Center at 208-375-7965 or toll free 877-278-9664 for information to donate.
Does a vehicle need to be running to be eligible for donation?
No, your vehicle does not need to be running.
What paperwork is needed?
You need to have a clear title for the vehicle (in your name with no lien) and a form of identification.
Does the person donating get a receipt for the donation?
Yes, you will receive a receipt for your donation when all paperwork is complete.
What can a person who is donating claim as a deduction?
There are several options. Please call the Idaho Youth Ranch Auto Center at 208-375-7965 or 877-278-9664 to decide what is best for you.
Do I get an Idaho state tax credit?
Yes, there is an Idaho State tax credit for donating to a youth organization, and Idaho Youth Ranch is a qualified entity.
What does BSPR do with the donated vehicle?
BSPR partners with the Idaho Youth Ranch Auto Center to facilitate all vehicle donations. The IYR is a licensed Idaho automobile dealer and has a retail car lot in Boise. IYR retails the donated vehicles (as opposed to an out of state for-profit company that disposes of the cars at a wholesale auto auction) so all the proceeds stay right here in Idaho! BSPR and IYR share the (after cost of sale) revenue from the retail sale.
Does the person donating have to be with the vehicle at the time of pickup? And who does the pickup?
No, nobody has to be with the vehicle. As long as it is accessible to pick up, IYR will arrange a time for pick up while you are at the office completing the donation paperwork.
How much money will BSPR receive for the donation?
The amount received by BSPR depends on how much the vehicle sells for. Once a vehicle is sold, BSPR and IYR share the (after cost of sale) revenue from the retail sale.