Arthur Balinger


Arthur moved to Boise in 1972 and joined BSPR in 1977 as a music show host/producer. He currently hosts a variety of music shows: Blues Deluxe, Edges, Fluid Drive, Shakedown Street, Dawn Flight, Jazz with Arthur Balinger, and Sunday Concert Hall, which can all be heard on KBSU 90.3fm.

Arthur was born and raised in West Los Angeles, California. He went to Fountain Valley High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado and graduated from UC Santa Barbara, majoring in art history.

Sunday Concert Hall

Each week a sampling from different historical musical periods, usually beginning in earlier times; Baroque and classical.

Shakedown Street

Hour 1 – Bluegrass, “jazz”-grass and “new”-grass with such artists as David Grisman, Tony Rice and Bela Fleck.
Hour 2 – The Grateful Dead in concert and in the studio from 1965 – 1995; including solo recording efforts from individual band members.

Jazz with Arthur Balinger

A valued offering of jazz, past and present

Fluid Drive

Fluid Drive is an energetic mix of jazz, blues, and rock. On occasion, the show might include various hybrid forms, including world music.


The more nebulous, ethereal and “other worldly” side of “new age;” from Steve Roach to Brian Eno; from Robert Rich to David Parsons; an interesting and enjoyable consciousness altering musical experience.

Dawn Flight

Enlivening musical experience

Blues Deluxe

An all-encompassing package of blues; ranging from well known and not-so-well known “masters,” to inspired contemporary artists; from Mississippi to Chicago; from England to San Francisco; the complete spectrum.