Jessica Holmes

Jessica is the host of Story Story Night a monthly live storytelling program in Boise, presents true stories on a theme. Live on stage and without notes.

She has been honored as one of the Idaho Business Review’s “2011 Accomplished Under 40"


Stories of Summer
1:07 pm
Mon September 20, 2010

Featuring Clay Morgan And Story Slammer Nathaniel Hoffman

Featured storyteller Clay Morgan goes first, with a story about one fateful summer for a smokejumper and the space program. Story slammer Nathaniel Hoffman is next, with a tale about a series of comical misperceptions in and about the backwoods of Idaho.

Stories of Summer
1:12 pm
Mon September 13, 2010

Featuring Elaine Ambrose And Story Slammer Steve Bush

Featured storyteller Elaine Ambrose tells a story about potato fields, a group of high school friends and a hot springs. Story slammer Steve Bush shares a short cautionary tale involving teenage boys, a swimming pool and a little beating around the bush.

Stories of Summer
1:14 pm
Mon September 6, 2010

Featuring Jan Schlicht And Story Slammer Ben Dicus

Featured storyteller Jan Schlicht tells a story about heading west on a backpacking adventure for a lifetime with her husband. Story slam winner Ben Dicus tells a story about a family road trip, and reminds us all to count heads before leaving a rest stop.

Stories of Travel
1:17 pm
Mon August 30, 2010

Featuring Alejandro Anastasio And Story Slammer Kate Riley

Alejandro Anastasio recounts experiences while traveling through Idaho on his way from Seattle to Chicago. Storyslammer Kate Riley tells of being mistaken for Patty Hurst and being tailed by the police in Santa Barbara California in 1974.

Stories of Gullability
1:21 pm
Mon August 23, 2010

Featuring Charmagne Westcott And Story Slammer Hobie Swan

One storyteller has a story of growing up and finding out she was adopted , the other recounts an experience of getting caught in a mattress scam.

Stories about infatuation
1:24 pm
Mon August 16, 2010

Featuring Jessica Holmes And Story Slammer Kristina Peterson

One storyteller has a story of a disappointing summer of love and her ongoing crush on David Sedaris , the other a story about meeting her life-long crush after opening a bar in Boise in the late 1970′s.

Stories about getting caught in the act
1:27 pm
Mon August 9, 2010

Featuring Phil Gordon And Story Slammer Debra Smith

One storyteller has a story of constitutional justice and cops getting in trouble, the other shares a story about young love and blue lights in Berkeley.

Story Story Night
1:29 pm
Mon August 2, 2010

Featuring Phil Atlakson And Story Slammer Hollis Welsh

One storyteller confuses an aquaintence’s confidence for ability on the slopes; the other has incorrect assumptions about an exciting job opportunity.