Richard Copeland

Senior Producer

Richard Copeland is the senior producer of Boise State Public Radio's daily show, Idaho Matters.

Previously, he was the producer for WITF's Smart Talk in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Prior to that he was a producer with WHYY's NewsWorks Tonight in Philadelphia and a producer and technical director for KNPR's State of Nevada in Las Vegas.

Rich is also a trained sushi cook and loves to ski.

Robin Rausch

Dr. David Grinspoon looks at the catastrophic events in Earth’s four-and-a-half billion year history and considers the positives. The Planetary Science Institute astrobiologist focuses much of his work on how changes in planetary climate could allow for life to exist.


The Southern Poverty Law Center has been investigating and documenting hate groups in America since 1979; the group was formed in 1971 as a nonprofit civil rights firm.

Molly Messick for NPR

This time of year Idaho farmers take to the fields in full force, planting crops, and making irrigation systems ready for the summer growing season.