2014 News Series Contest Entry: 'In Crisis'

Feb 12, 2015

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness nearly a quarter of Idahoans are living with a mental illness. Nearly 6 percent of those people are living with a serious mental illness like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. In addition, Idaho has one of the highest suicide rates in the country.

So, what's the state doing to turn around those statistics?

Boise State Public Radio and the Idaho Statesman teamed up to better understand Idaho's fragmented mental health system. In a 6-part radio series we call "In Crisis," we explore why so many Idahoans aren't getting mental health care until they're in the middle of an emergency.

Story one: Medicaid Payment Woes Plague Idaho Mental Health Service Providers

Story two: Feds Investigate Idaho Medicaid Mental-Health Contractor For Privacy Violation

Story three: In Crisis: Idaho Police, Social Workers On The Front Lines Of Mental Health

Story four: In Crisis: Lack Of Options Shifts Mental Health Care To Idaho Hospitals

Story five: In Crisis: Why Idaho Courts, Jails Double As Mental Health Providers

Story six: In Crisis: Idaho Medicaid In Flux Causes A Big Shift In Care

In addition to the radio elements, this series includes a handful of web-only pieces including interactive data, video, and explainers.