Ada County Commissioners Question Dynamis CEO

Ada County Commissioners want answers  from the CEO of a company that plans to create energy from garbage.  A citizens group has accused the County and Dynamis Energy of fraud.  Commissioners have called a meeting on the project for Friday morning. 

Eagle-based Dynamis Energy plans to convert garbage to electricity at the Ada County Landfill.  County Commissioners gave the go ahead for the project about two years ago. They also provided the company with $2 million for design work, but the project is now behind schedule. 

Commission Chairman Rick Yzaguirre says they want an update on the project, and have some questions for Dynamis CEO Lloyd Mahaffey. "Plus, we’ve been hearing from some of the neighbors and we wanted to give them an opportunity to hear the discussion."

Residents of Hidden Springs north of the landfill have raised concerns with the project.  And an Idaho citizens group has called for an investigation of the county’s deal with Dynamis, alleging secret meetings between Commissioners and the company. 

Yzaguire says that group’s allegations will not be discussed at the meeting.  Nor, will the public be allowed to comment or ask questions.

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