Adult Over 60 Becomes Idaho's First Flu Casualty

Dec 31, 2013

The deadly side of the flu emerged in Idaho this week, with an adult over 60 becoming the first person to die this season after being infected with the virus.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare made the announcement on Monday.

Every year, influenza contributes to the deaths of 36,000 people in the United States and causes more than 200,000 hospitalizations.

Idaho's share of the tragedy last flu season amounted to 35 people.

The dominant strain of flu being detected is a strain that first began circulating in 2009.

It can affect anyone, but appears to cause more-severe respiratory illnesses in young and middle-aged adults than other strains.

People who are especially vulnerable are pregnant women, those over 50 and people with asthma, diabetes and heart or lung disease.