Airstream Dealer Signals Upswing In Idaho’s Economy

The silver bullet known as an Airstream trailer has roamed the nation’s highways since the 1930s. It’s as iconic as a Coke bottle.  The start of summer brings with it thoughts of exploring and camping.  For some people, that means hitching up the Airstream and heading out on the highway.

But consider this, an Idahoan makes on average $33,000 a year.  That’s not enough to buy a new Airstream trailer.  Despite this, a dealership has opened in Nampa. It could be a sign southern Idaho’s economy is on the upswing.

Judy and Duyane Canada are living the Airstream dream.  Duyane has owned those unforgettable trailers for more than 30 years.  He first bought one to live in because he got tired of paying rent.  Duyane still remembers that trailer.  Click here to continue reading and to hear the story...