Another Piece Of Wooden Arch Possibly From Japan Found On Oregon Beach

Apr 10, 2013

Credit Oregon Parks and Recreation

Another piece of possible tsunami debris that appears to be part of a painted wooden arch has washed up on a beach in Florence. The artifact is similar to one found on the north coast near Oceanside, Oregon last month.

Chris Havel with Oregon Parks and Recreation says the piece of wood is 14 feet long and 3 feet wide. "Painted red and black and its this long sort of graceful, curving arch that is found as the top part of these Torii, these arches that were used to mark sacred sites, not only in Japan but in many countries in the western Pacific."

Havel says the piece was found on the Siuslaw South Jetty. It's been removed for safekeeping. Japanese officials have been notified. Havel says it is not yet confirmed whether the arch piece is debris from the 2011 Japan tsunami.

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