Bank Reaches Out to Distressed Boise Home Owners

Aug 19, 2011

BOISE, ID. – A fifty-member team from Bank of America occupies much of the Boise Centre Friday and Saturday.  They hope area customers who face foreclosure or other home loan problems will come see them. 

Red-shirted Bank of America workers armed with laptops have already hit the C’oeur d’Alene area.  Now, they’re in Boise.  Bank of America Vice President Phillipa Ashby is in charge. 

Phillipa Ashby:  “This is just one battalion.”

Ashby says another team is doing the exact same thing in Pocatello.  They’re meeting with customers who are at least sixty days behind in their home loan payments.  Bank of America has about eleven hundred customers in the Boise area that fit this criteria.  About three hundred have said they’ll come in.

Phillipa Ashby:  “When a customer comes in, they’ll check in at registration, then, they’ll have a brief workshop.” 

The workshop acts as an orientation session.  Then, it’s off to meet housing counselors to review personal budgets.  Next, are specialists who’ll go over options, like loan modifications.  Then, it’s time for a decision. 

Phillipa Ashby:  “That can happen as little as maybe thirty-five minutes if things, you know, are pretty straightforward, to up to like four hours, we’ve seen.” 

Ashby says up to thirty percent of those who come in will get a decision before the team leaves.  Others may have to provide more information and follow up later.   Bank of America reps will be at the Boise Centre through Saturday. 

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