Bannock County Bans E-Cigs In County Buildings

Dec 6, 2013

Credit LeonardoRodriguez / Flickr Creative Commons

Bannock County commissioners have decided to include electronic cigarettes in the smoking ban in county buildings.

The Idaho State Journal reports commissioners unanimously approved the resolution Wednesday.

Commissioner Howard Manwaring says they received some complaints about the use of e-cigarettes in county facilities. He says their use is still perceived as smoking and they do have some odor.

Manwaring says no one spoke against the resolution during the public hearing before Wednesday's vote.

He says he thinks Bannock County made the best decision it could for now, but says the council is open to reconsidering it.

The metal or plastic battery-powered e-cigarettes resemble cigarettes but heat a liquid nicotine solution into a vapor that users inhale. Users get nicotine without the chemicals, tar or odor of regular cigarettes.