In Birthday Message, POW's Parents Promise To Bring Him Home

Mar 29, 2013

The parents of Idaho soldier Bowe Bergdahl are hoping a message they recorded for his 27th birthday will reach him in captivity. Bergdahl remains America's only POW from the war in Afghanistan.

Credit Idaho National Guard

Bob and Jani Bergdahl recorded a message on KECH, a radio station in Idaho's Wood River Valley.

“Happy birthday, Bowe Bergdahl!” they say.
“You're 27 years old today, if you forgot," says Mr. Bergdahl. "And you've been in Afghanistan for over four years now.”

Bowe Bergdahl grew up in Hailey, where he's described as both thoughtful and adventurous. In 2009, the Taliban captured Sgt. Bergdahl near his base in Afghanistan.

In the message, Bob Bergdahl urges his son to remain patient and kind to his captors.

“We will not be deterred ever, Bowe," he says.  "Know very well: You will come home. If you can hear this, rest assured, we are doing everything we can to bring you home. God bless you my son."

Bergdahl speaks to his son in Pashto. It's the language of the group now believed to be holding Bowe, as well as keeping him alive.

Hear the entire message here.

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