Boise Hotel Transforms Into An Art Haven For One Night

May 2, 2013

Thousands of people are expected to turn out for Modern Art tonight in Boise.
Credit Sadie Babits / Boise State Public Radio

More than 60 artists will take part in Modern Art tonight in downtown Boise.  This year artists, who do everything from fine art to performance, will take over more than 30 rooms at the Modern Hotel.

Amy O’Brien is one of the curators for this event. She has some advice for people who’ve never been to Modern Art before. “I would say be prepared to be completely entertained and expect the unexpected.”

In past years, Modern Art has brought out a flash mob, a community VHS crocheting project, and even a man dressed up as a “scapegoat” that you could pin worries and concerns on.

This year, O’Brien says you’ll never quite know what you’ll find when you open a hotel room door. Artists, she says, will propose an idea but often by the time Modern Art arrives, the idea is totally different.  

“One of the great opportunities for patrons coming to the event is that they get to actually meet artists that they normally wouldn’t get to meet,” O’Brien says. That leads to having a one on one experience with the artist “and it leads to great conversations about art.”

"I would say be prepared to be completely entertained and expect the unexpected." ~ Amy O'Brien

O’ Brien says she’s enjoyed discovering new artists through Modern Art. She’s looking forward to Room 224 this year. That’s where a group of Boise State grad students have come together to create an installation. O’Brien says you can expect to see giant ceramic walruses and an elk as part of Super Art Soda’s installation.  Modern Art runs until 10 o’clock tonight in Boise.

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