Boise Neighborhood Summit

Sep 9, 2011


Saturday, Garden City (Doubletree Riverside hotel) plays host to a city of Boise event. It is the Treasure Valley Neighborhood Summit, sponsored by the program Boise Celebrates Good Neighbors and the Idaho Crime Prevention Association. Boise has put on similar gatherings for neighborhood associations in the past but they’ve focused solely on crime prevention. Saturday’s event is a daylong conference dedicated to the broader notion of strengthening neighborhoods. Lynn Lockhart is excited about the event. Lockhart is the president of Boise’s Morris Hill neighborhood association.

Lynn Lockhart: “There’s one workshop that says how to save the world on your block. That’s the actual title of the workshop. That’s one in particular that I’m really looking forward to learning about, saving the world on your block. (laughter)”

Adam Cotterell: “Do you think you can save the world in your neighborhood?”

Lockhart: “Oh, I think anyone can. You know, because that’s where it all begins. We have to just start small in our own community, focus on bettering that.”

Lockhart hopes to learn practical strategies for improving her neighborhood. She’ll also be doing some teaching. Her association will have a booth providing information about their citizen patrol team. Morris Hill won a national award this year for neighborhood associations.