Boise Police Issue Warning Over Synthetic Drug

Oct 31, 2013

Credit DestinysAgent / Flickr Creative Commons

Police in Boise are issuing a warning about new synthetic drugs that have led to at least six reported overdoses in recent weeks.

Over the weekend, two 16-year-olds overdosed on a substance believed to be 25C, closely related to 25i, which led to four other overdoses and hospitalizations.

Police say one of the 16-year-olds was hospitalized in intensive care Saturday after suffering a seizure. The teen reportedly stopped breathing for a time.

Police say the drugs are being sold in the Boise area with claims they are hallucinogens similar to LSD. Street names include N-BOMe, Dime and DOB.

Lt. P.D. Burch with the police narcotics unit says the drugs have caused deaths around the country.