Boise School District Takes A Stand Against Students Come First

Sep 26, 2012

The Boise District School Board voted to oppose the Students Come First Legislation in a symbolic gesture Tuesday afternoon. Referenda that would reverse the legislation will be on the ballot in November.

President A.J. Balukoff says that the board has an obligation to talk publicly on how the Students Come First laws would impact students in Boise.  

“We don’t think they will have a good effect on the students of not only the Boise School District but other districts around the state.”

Board members took particular issue with the question of local control for funding under Students Come First.

“We think decisions about curriculum, about relationships with teachers and relationships with how to use technology are best left to the discretion of local elected school boards working in conjunction with professional educators and parents.”

The symbolic vote against Students Come First was unanimous.  The Boise district is the second largest in the state.

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