Boise State Football Strikes Unique Deal With The Mountain West

Jan 2, 2013

Cornerback Jamar Taylor hoists the Maaco Bowl trophy overhead in celebration of the Broncos’ 28-26 victory over the University of Washington Huskies in the Dec. 22 bowl game.
Credit Carrie Quinney / Boise State University

Boise State Wednesday released the details of its new contract with the Mountain West Conference. Last year the Boise State football team left the conference to join the Big East and the university put its other sports in the Big West.  Since then, the Big East has lost several teams. 

Boise State announced earlier this week that its sports teams, including football, would return to the Mountain West. As part of the package the Mountain West will pay Boise State’s exit fees from the other two conferences, up to $3 million. Boise state president Bob Kustra says the new contract brings substantial benefits to his school.

“The irony of this entire last six months  is that had we made the decision to stay in the Mountain West in June we would not have the opportunity to negotiate and arrive at what we have today,” Kustra says.

The new contract allows Boise State football to sell television rights to its home games on its own rather than through the conference which has a deal with CBS. Kustra says that arrangement is unique in college sports. He adds the deal is not just a win for Boise State. The Mountain West he says, will benefit from the national exposure that comes with Bronco football.