Boise State Public Radio To Bring Lizzie O'Leary Of Marketplace Weekend To Storyfort 2017

Feb 9, 2017

Have you heard? We’re living in the Golden Age of Audio. Or maybe it’s more like the Wild West. Podcasts are popping up in all corners of the media landscape, bringing new listeners to audio storytelling through their smartphones.

But podcasts are not new. So what’s sparking this auditory Renaissance? Award-winning journalist Lizzie O’Leary of Marketplace Weekend will host a lively discussion at Storyfort about what makes a compelling radio story – and how podcasts are stretching the boundaries of her craft.

As the literary and storytelling component of Treefort Music Fest, Storyfort offers a diverse range of narrative and a celebration of great words. Much like the entirety of Treefort, Storyfort includes a variety of genres and subcultures within the music and storytelling world. Slam poets, song writers, language poets, fiction writers, journalists, zine creators, bartenders, hip hop artists, playwrights all contribute to the Fest and more

This event is sponsored by Boise State Public Radio, which broadcasts Marketplace Weekend.

Stay tuned for information on date, time and location.