Broncos' First Completion Of '12 Season: Stadium Expansion

Aug 8, 2012

Construction has wrapped up on the new, permanent seating at Boise State’s Bronco Stadium.  Crews spent parts of the spring and summer constructing the new bleachers on the stadium’s north and south end zones.  The $3 million upgrade will add 3,500 seats total, and expand the stadium’s capacity to 37,000.

Max Corbet is an assistant athletic director at BSU.  He says the project has changed the feel of the stadium. 

“It’s gonna be a lot nicer, a lot more permanent,” Corbet says. “I think it’ll be more comfortable for the fans.  In the south it gets you up a lot higher, get a little better view of what’s going on.  We’re really looking forward to it.  I think it’s going to make the setting even a little more intimate.”

Corbet says the expansion will help create new revenue for the football program, which funds a large chunk of Boise State’s athletic department.  The bleachers will also give fans to buy lower-priced tickets.  A season ticket for the Broncos’ six home games this year costs $220 in the north end zone. 

Corbet says previous end zone seats were temporary to accommodate the school’s track program.  But a new track off campus made the expansion possible.   

“So once football was over with we had to move those out so we could have track in the spring,” he says.  “Now with the addition of Donna Larsen Park, which opens this month over at the former East Junior High site, we’ve now been able to come in out in permanent seating.”

Corbet says the school will sign off on the project in the next week or so, marking its official completion.  The Broncos play their first home game September 15 against Miami of Ohio.