Budget For Idaho's Largest County Up For Public Comment Today

Aug 1, 2012

Ada County Commissioners say they'll hold the line on the budget.  The 2012-2013 proposed budget will be up for public comment tonight.  Every year, the three commissioners have the option to levy a three percent tax increase on current property owners in the county. 

But this year, says Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre, they won’t do that.  “And it’s the seventh year that we actually haven’t done that, we’ve been able to fund the budget without taking the three percent," he says, "I think that’s important to our taxpayers and concerned citizens that we’re not doing that once again.”

Instead, they’ll use 23 million dollars in savings to balance the nearly 200-million dollar budget.

By not taking the extra three percent in property taxes, commissioners say they’ll save property owners close to two and a half million dollars this year alone.  “If you compound that over the last seven years I think it’s about 81 plus million, so it’s a big number over time.”

For several years, Commissioners have balanced the budget with help from a salary freeze for county employees.  Last year Commissioners gave employees a small cost of living adjustment.  This year they want to provide some money for a merit raise for county workers.

Commissioners meet tonight, and the public will be able to comment on the proposed budget. The final budget will be approved by the end of the month.

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