Built To Spill’s New Album Could Be Their Last With Warner Brothers

Apr 21, 2015

Boise rock band Built to Spill has officially released it's latest album, "Untethered Moon." It's the band’s first record in six years, and features two new band members. The group kicked off its current tour last month at Treefort Music Fest.

"Untethered Moon" is the sixth album the band has recorded on the Warner Brothers label. Lead singer and guitarist Doug Martsch says Built to Spill's relationship with the major label has been positive, but the band may move to an independent label for its next record. He says now that the band has a dedicated fan base, there’s less of a need to be attached to a big-name music label.

"We're like old guys and stuff, we're not a band that needs to get new fans," he says. "We're kind of playing for the people who already appreciate it."

Martsch says taking so much time between albums has its perks – but having fun during the writing process is what keeps him coming back to the studio.

“Sometimes you have to get down and get some work done," says Martsch, "but for the most part I try to write and do the creative parts of it in little 15-minute or half hour bursts.”

He says the 10-song album was written at different points over the six years, and adding drummer Steve Gere and bassist Jason Albertini to the lineup for this album was energizing.

"They're like my dream band; I can't think of any two people I would rather be playing with."

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