Canadian Company Moves Forward With Idaho Gold Mine

Sep 10, 2013

Midas Gold Corp.'s Yellow Pine Pit is part of its Idaho project.
Credit Courtesy Midas Gold Corp.

Canadian mining company Midas Gold says it's making progress on its Golden Meadows project near Stibnite, Idaho.  The company says it continues to advance the project on several fronts. The ultimate goal is to mine gold in the East Fork of the South Fork of the Salmon River.

"Our aim has been to re-evaluate the project from end to end with a view to optimizing the project scale, economics and technical certainty, while looking to reduce the potential environmental footprint and improve the potential site restoration scenarios so that we can leave the site considerably better than we find it now," said CEO Stephen Quin. 

The announcement drew criticism from environmentalists who say mining activity will harm fish populations.

“Past mining activities in this area wiped out salmon and steelhead and the mining companies left the public with the cleanup bill,” said John Robison, Public Lands Director for the Idaho Conservation League.

“Salmon and steelhead are starting to make a comeback, but additional mine exploration and development pose a significant threat to these fish. We objected to the latest exploration plan to ask the Forest Service to take additional steps to better avoid, minimize and mitigate the impacts.”

The Golden Meadows project is still in the exploratory phase.  It has not submitted a mine proposal to federal regulators.

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