Cassia County Officials Ponder Disaster Declaration

Mar 8, 2017

Officials in Cassia County are looking into getting a federal disaster declaration to help deal with damage from winter storms.
Credit ZapWizard / Flickr

Officials at the federal, state and local levels will begin evaluating flood damage in Cassia County in the next few weeks following one of the most brutal winters in decades.

The Times News says county leaders met with state officials yesterday to discuss declaring a federal disaster. Forms for residents, businesses and county agencies to detail damage from flooding and storms are online at the Idaho Office of Emergency Management's website.

Should Cassia County meet the requirements for a disaster declaration, a range of assistance programs would be opened to victims including crisis counseling, help with unemployment and legal services. Housing assistance would also be provided.

Idaho's federal damage threshold of $2.2 million for calling a disaster has been reached. Officials in Cassia County will determine whether damages in the county top its federal threshold of around $83,000.

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