Chobani Pulls Its Greek Yogurt From Store Shelves

Sep 1, 2013

Credit Provisions / Flickr Creative Commons

Yogurt maker Chobani says it has pulled products from stores following reports of yogurt that didn't remain fresh as long as it should have.

The Idaho Statesman reports a check of Fred Meyer, Albertson's and Winco stores on Saturday in the Boise area found that Chobani yogurt had been removed.

It's unclear if the removal extends to other states, where customers reported bad yogurt.

Chobani on its website says it took action after hearing what the company called isolated quality concerns with certain cups of yogurt.

The company says it's working voluntarily with retailers to remove yogurt and deliver fresh replacements.

Chobani opened a huge yogurt plant in Twin Falls late last year.

The company on Sunday didn't return a request for additional information from The Associated Press.