Columbia River Treaty Public Meetings Begin in Spokane

Apr 11, 2013

Columbia River
Credit Travis S. / Flickr

A decades-long treaty between the United States and Canada will soon be up for renewal. It governs power management and flood control in the Columbia River Basin. Next year is the first time in 50 years either country can end or revise the treaty.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Bonneville Power Administration kicked off a series of public meetings in Spokane Wednesday. The agencies are gathering public input about the treaty’s future.

Michael Hansen is with Bonneville Power Administration.  “This treaty is probably one of the most important, less-known agreements that we have here in the Northwest, in terms of power generation and flood control.”

There will be 13 more public meetings across the Northwest. Officials will finalize a recommendation on whether to update the treaty this December. They hope to include sections on salmon recovery and climate change.

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