Concordia Law School Accreditation Could Be Decided Early Next Week

Jun 5, 2015

Students at Concordia Law School in Boise could soon find out whether they'll be able to graduate and take the state bar exam. The American Bar Association (ABA) is meeting in Minneapolis today and tomorrow – and Concordia's provisional approval is on the agenda.

Credit Chris Butler / Idaho Statesman

Madeline Turnock is a spokeswoman for the school, which opened in Boise in 2012. She says the ABA could decide to grant or deny approval to the school, or delay the decision further. The last option is what happened in the fall, and after that, the organization sent a team to Boise to take a close look at the school's finances and faculty. 

"We're not assuming any outcome at this time, we are awaiting their review and their decision and then we'll go from there," Turnock says. 

If the ABA does not approve the accreditation, Concordia's first class of law students who are ready to graduate now would not be able to take the bar exam. Passing the exam is required to practice law in Idaho.

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