'Craters Of The Moon' Cast On Hand At Boise's Best Of Sun Valley Film Fest

Nov 15, 2013

The best of this year’s Sun Valley Film Festival (SVFF) screens in Boise Saturday night. The Best of SVFFest will feature two award-winning films; STUCK, about a one-night stand, and Craters of the Moon, which is about a couple who gets lost and stranded in the snow.

Here's the trailer from Craters.

The film Craters of the Moon screens in Boise Saturday.
Credit Courtesy of http://www.cratermovie.com

Crater's producer Jacob Brumfield, along with the cast and crew, will do a question-and-answer session after the film screens at the Knitting Factory.

We asked Brumfield a few of our own questions.

Q: How did Crater's come about? 

"Crater's came from Jesse Millward [He grew up in Blackfoot, Idaho and was high school friends with Brumfield], the writer and director. He approached me with a script and we made the movie. Both Jesse and I wanted to make something in Idaho with minimal characters and locations to keep the budget low."

Q: You did this film on a $25,000 budget. What did you learn?

"I learned that movies cost a hell of a lot more than $25,000! I also learned that I have very good friends and colleagues. I asked people for a lot during production, the conditions were hostel to say the least. It snowed every day, and during one of our night shoots it started raining -- 40 below with 50 mph winds and it was raining. It was honestly the hardest thing I have ever done."

Q: Why film in Idaho?

"Why not film in Idaho? I love the aesthetic. Idaho has a lot to offer when it comes to fantastic locations, and everyone I ran into while producing the film were very enthusiastic to help, it was great."

Q: Watching Crater’s of the Moon at the SVFF this year, what'd you think ?

"SVFF was great. A very receptive audience. I was very surprised with the way women reacted to the film. There were people yelling at the screen. It was the first time I had seen COTM with an audience. I could not have picked a better venue." 

Q: What are you working on now?

"I am working on a lot of different things. Today I am finishing the post -- online and visual effects -- for a new Danny Trejo movie called Bullet. I have about five or six different movies and/or TV shows in different stages of pre-production. However, I can't really talk about them yet."

The Best of SVFFest is Saturday, Nov. 16. Doors open at 4:00 p.m. and tickets are $15 at the door, or available online.

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