Downtown Boise Stadium One Step Closer To Happening

Mar 28, 2017

A tentative deal moves a downtown Boise stadium one step closer to being a reality.
Credit John W. Iwanski / Flickr

A tentative agreement has been reached between St. Luke's Health System and a developer that could pave the way for a new stadium close to downtown Boise.

St. Luke's plans to sell an 11-acre parcel on the corner of Americana Boulevard and Shoreline Drive near the heart of downtown to Greenstone Properties.

While the terms of the deal haven't been made public, four of the 11 acres would be dedicated to a new facility that would house Boise's minor league baseball team, The Hawks. The rest of the property would be divvied up for a variety of uses including homes, offices and parking. The Statesman reports along with the Hawks, Boise State teams might also play at the stadium along with a minor league soccer team. The venue could also host concerts.

The deal hasn't been finalized; representatives with St. Luke's describe the deal as a “non-binding letter of intent.” While the agreement goes a long way toward moving the project forward, details about land acquisition, government investors and designs of the facilities are still up in the air.

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