East Idaho Town In "Imminent Danger" Of Flooding

Mar 7, 2017

Flooding is likely to hit the east Idaho town of Blackfoot this spring following the harshest winter in decades.
Credit Roadsidepictures / Flickr

Officials in the eastern Idaho town of Blackfoot say a levee holding back part of the Snake River could fail this spring putting the community in danger of flooding.

In a disaster declaration signed by the mayor of Blackfoot last week, city leaders believe a drastic increase in temperatures could prompt rapid melting and cause runoff to breach the levee.

The Idaho State Journal says the disaster declaration is meant to secure government funds to upgrade the barrier and raise awareness about the danger of flooding. The declaration spells out Blackfoot doesn’t have the resources to undertake the project on its own and requires outside assistance. The local flood control district has contributed $15,000 to help secure the levee with the city matching those funds.

A recent inspection of the levee by the Army Corps of Engineers found it would be “minimally effective” in a severe event.

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