Explosion At Micron’s Boise Campus Injures 7

An explosion at Micron Technology in Boise injured seven people Tuesday.  The injuries were minor and damage is limited to a utility room. 

The call for emergency crews came in at about ten Tuesday morning.  A piece of equipment at Micron’s campus exploded.  Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan says the accident happened in a utility room underground, below where semiconductors are fabricated. "It did move a concrete wall.  It was a fairly significant explosion down in that room."

Doan says a second, smaller explosion happened a short time later likely caused by electrical equipment.  Chemicals are used in the making of semiconductors, but Doan says workers were not exposed to anything dangerous.   "We know that the hazardous material teams have monitored and there’s no chemicals right now and no exposure."

The accident injured seven people. One person suffered a minor cut to the arm. The rest had ringing in the ears or inhaled dust.  A team from Micron is investigating the cause of the accident. 

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