Federal Dollars for Laid-off Beef Plant Workers

Aug 24, 2011

BOISE, ID. – Laid-off workers from Nampa’s XL Four Star Beef can get federal help to retrain.  The U.S. Labor Department has awarded up to two million dollars Monday to help.   

Bob Fick, a spokesman for Idaho’s Labor Department, says the money can be used for education, including language courses.   

Fick: Large majority of the workers at XL Four Star were not fluent in English.  Getting them fluent in English will be a major help in finding them new employment.

Five hundred people lost their jobs when the beef processor shut its doors in June.  Fick says the grant is enough to provide re-employment services for two hundred and fifty people.  He says historically, half the number of laid off workers seek this type of assistance. 

Fick: If in fact more, in the case of XL Four Star, need help, we can petition to have the grant expanded.

Fick says Idaho has two other grants to help laid off workers.  The multimillion dollar awards are being used to help those who worked for Micron and Dell Computer. 

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