Federal Election Officials Sue Former Senator Larry Craig

Jun 12, 2012

The federal government is suing former Idaho Senator Larry Craig.  The suit was filed Monday in Washington DC.  It contends Craig misspent campaign money following his 2007 arrest.  The litigation was filed five years to the day after Craig was taken into custody at the Minneapolis airport for allegedly soliciting sex in a men's bathroom.

Following the charge, Craig hired attorneys in Minneapolis and Washington, as well as a public relations firm. Now, the Federal Elections Commission contends Craig spent more than $200,000 of campaign money on those services.

 The Federal Election Commission says that since those expenditures had nothing to do with a run for office, they were illegal.  The suit asks the court to make Craig pay the money back and levy small fines for the Republican and and his campaign treasurer. 

KBSX contacted Craig's Washington DC-based attorneys Tuesday morning.  The firm has not returned our call.