Fog Halts Megaload In Idaho

Dec 27, 2013

his is a similar over-sized shipment that traveled through Idaho earlier in 2013.
Credit Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

After a week parked in a southwestern Idaho highway pullout, a 380-foot, 450-ton load bound for Canada's disputed tar sands energy development will stay put at least another night.

Transport company Omega Morgan told the Idaho Transportation Department on Friday expected fog will prevent the megaload — a large heat exchanger for water purification equipment manufactured in Portland — from resuming its winding journey.

Since Monday, the equipment has been parked at the junction of U.S. Highway 95 and Idaho Highway 55.

It's bound for the rich oil sands that surround Fort McMurray, though a spokeswoman for Portland-based Omega Morgan wouldn't confirm the exact destination.

Since disembarking a Columbia River barge, the shipments have drawn the ire of protesters who object to the tar sands development in northern Alberta.