'Foul' Behavior At Baseball Game Goes Viral

Apr 26, 2012
Originally published on April 26, 2012 4:27 pm
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Now, the story of a baseball gone foul. The New York Yankees and Texas Rangers were wrapping up a game in Arlington, Texas last night. And in the 8th inning, Rangers' first baseman Mitch Moreland fielded a foul ball and then tossed it into the stands. Standard operating procedure.


The ball landed at the feet of several fans and was scooped up by a man who proceeded to give it to his date. They celebrated their good fortune. It's the kind of scene that plays out thousands of times in a given baseball season.

SIEGEL: Except, while they were carrying on - hugging and taking cell phone photos with their prize - sitting right next to them was a young boy clutching his mitt, sobbing because he didn't get the ball. He and his dad both had tried but came up empty.

BLOCK: Yankees play-by-play announcer Michael Kay saw what happened and made the call.

MICHAEL KAY: Oh, my God. They can't give it to the kid? That's awful. Wow, they're actually like rubbing it in the kid's face. Oh, my goodness. He's going to realize this is just a blip on the radar screen of life.

SIEGEL: Indeed, the couple continued to celebrate and the boy continued to cry. But there is a happy ending.

KAY: Somebody saw the kid crying, somebody from the Ranger dugout. They tossed him a ball. Look at the grin. And look at the greedy people next him, just oblivious. Oh, let's make out while he has the ball; but we've got our ball - unbelievable. At least the kid has a nice smile on his face now.

BLOCK: And the couple's public shaming didn't end with announcer Michael Kay. The sports website Deadspin today dubbed them the worst people ever. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.