Gay Couples Crowd Clark County, Washington Office For Marriage Licenses

Dec 6, 2012

Credit ~Prescott / Flickr

Clark County's auditor estimated some thirty gay and lesbian couples lined up to get marriage licenses this morning in Vancouver, as Washington's new  same-sex marriages law takes effect.

First in line were Paul Harris and James Griener . Harris manages the department that issues marriage licenses for Clark County, so Auditor Greg Kimsey sent him to the front of the line. 

Griener said when the two met, 39 years ago, they never thought they might be able to marry some day. "We never even considered it. I was talking to Paul as we were driving in this morning, as I was getting through college, my parents started asking me, 'When are you going to get married?' Ah. My mother's no longer with us, but I wish she could be here today." 

Griener says while he and Harris didn't campaign for the new law, they both felt it was important to get married. He says he hopes the federal government will recognize gay marriage soon.

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