Greenbelt Bike Ban Protest

Aug 11, 2011

BOISE, ID. – Nature trail.  Not suitable for bikes.  Those are some of the reasons Garden City officials say a dismount zone is needed on a chunk of the Greenbelt.  A non-profit group isn’t happy about that.

The bike ban begins on the North side of the Boise River, just up the road from City Hall in Garden City.  It lasts for a mile and a half.  Cyclists must dismount or take another route that runs along city streets.  If they don’t, they can be fined seventy-four dollars plus court costs.  Garden City Mayor John Evans says he plans to keep the bike ban in place.

John Evans:  If anyone is in doubt, take a stroll down there and come back and be critical that we want to preserve that gorgeous walking area for those that want to enjoy it.

You can’t fight City Hall is an old adage that Citizens for an Open Greenbelt ignores.  The group wants to end the ban.  It sued the city last year.  But the case won’t be heard until next February.  Gary Segers, who founded the group, says the ordinance doesn’t make sense.

Gary Segers:  Tricycles, unicycles, and quad-cycles are not prohibited by the Garden City ordinance.

Mayor Evans says opponents are overly legalistic. Citizens for an Open Greenbelt plans to protest the ban on Saturday.

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