Group Gathers At Interfaith Event Seeking Post-Election Unity

Nov 9, 2016

After a divisive political election, about 100 people gathered at the Idaho Statehouse today to try to come together and find common ground.

The Interfaith Alliance held a service with a Rabbi and an LDS minister, along with Unitarian and Episcopalian members.

Judy Cross is the President of the Board of Directors for Interfaith Alliance of Idaho. She organized the event a few weeks before the election.

Today she said the state needs healing, after such a polarizing election.

"We felt that this was really important because we knew regardless of who won the election, locally, state, nationally, that there has been such polarization that we really needed to bring people of faith and conscience together to try and move forward."

Nurse Practitioner Sarah Cox attended the vigil. She thinks the event is important as a coming together and says unity is critical.

"I would hope that no matter how it came out, both side would try to reach out towards each other," Cox says. "Trying to find small ways to connect and find common ground -- that's really important."

Later today, a group of Donald Trump protestors gathered at the Capitol as well.