Group: Idaho Unprepared for Climate Change

Apr 19, 2012

An environmental group has rated each state’s strategy for dealing with climate change. Problems can range from droughts to rising sea levels.  Two of the Pacific Northwest states are well prepared. Idaho is not. 

Both Washington and Oregon have strategies to deal with water problems that could arise from climate change. The Natural Resource Defense Council says nine states – including Washington and Oregon – are “well prepared.”

Idaho, though, is on the bottom half of the list. Ben Chou is a water quality analyst with the Council. He says Idaho is “largely unprepared.”

“There are a majority of states that aren’t taking this threat very seriously, and they’re not planning at the state level.”

One of Washington’s strategies is to draw more water from rivers when they’re running high and store it for irrigation and other uses during dry periods.

Oregon’s goals include doing a better job forecasting how much rain and snow will fall. That way farmers can plan ahead when they plant their crops.