Gun Shops Could Set Sales Records This Black Friday

Nov 23, 2012

Credit National Shooting Sports Foundation

Gun stores are among the retailers expecting more sales than usual this Black Friday. 

A national trade group that represents the gun and ammunition industry says Black Friday could set a record for the number of background checks performed.  Those are required by the FBI for gun purchases. 

On the day after Thanksgiving last year, the number of background checks set an all-time high. 

Mike Bazinet is a spokesman with the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  He says there are several reasons why gun stores will be busy. 

"It is a traditional shopping day," he says.  "In addition, it’s hunting season.  We’ve seen a 10 year increase in the interest amongst a large number of people in firearms.  And we also believe that there are people who are motivated by the fact that the Obama administration is getting a second term.” 

Bazinet says some gun enthusiasts are concerned the president may attempt to restrict gun access in his second term. Gun stores in Boise say they have seen an increase in sales since the election.  Two shops we spoke with said they’ll add staff to accommodate the extra Black Friday traffic, but that they’re not opening early.