ID Dems’ Response to Governor Otter

Jan 10, 2012

BOISE, ID – Idaho Democratic lawmakers didn’t hold back on their official response Tuesday to Governor Butch Otter’s State of the State address.  They’ll propose an ethics commission and a jobs package this session.

State Representative John Rusche is House Minority Leader.  He’s also the voice of Democratic lawmakers in the Idaho legislature.  Idaho’s Governor gave his State of the State speech Monday.  Rusche says the Governor’s address fell short.

John Rusche:  “It’s unfortunate that the Governor failed to address the culture of arrogance and entitlement that’s pervasive in the legislature and GOP leadership.”

Rusche and his Democratic colleagues believe one way to change this culture is to set up an independent ethics commission.  They also say Otter’s proposal on tax relief is “vague and undefined.”  Rusche adds more needs to be done to create jobs.

John Rusche:  “We need a tax policy that’s stable and fair to all the people. While generating enough to support the vital public structures that we all depend:  schools and colleges, roads, telecommunication, courts, public safety.”

Statehouse Democrats will unveil a new jobs package in the next few weeks.  They’ll release a plan for an ethics commission on Thursday.

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