Idaho College To Purchase Geothermal Aquifer To Heat Campus

May 10, 2017

File photo at College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls.
Credit Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

An Idaho college is moving forward with plans to purchase a geothermal aquifer that can provide heat to most of its campus.

The Times-News reports a resolution passed Tuesday will allow the College of Southern Idaho to finalize the $2.4 million purchase of Pristine Springs, a geothermal aquifer north of Twin Falls. Legislators have set aside $1.2 million this year for the purchase. The college will cover the other $1.2 million.

College officials predict the move will save the school about $125,000 in heating costs each year. The college may put the saved money toward a new lab and program opportunities for students.

The Pristine Springs property also includes an aquaculture facility, farmland, a mile of riparian land along Snake River and co-generation heat and power facilities.