Idaho Crash Victim Flung Into Snake River, Swims To Island For Rescue

Nov 21, 2016

Steven Arrasmith's Jeep was hit by another vehicle slipping on black ice, knocking him into the Snake River from the bridge.
Credit Oregon State Police / Twitter

Law enforcement officials say an Idaho man was flung 50 feet into the Snake River and forced to swim to a nearby island after being struck by a vehicle on a bridge.

Oregon State Police say that 34-Steven Arrasmith, of Mesa, Idaho, was traveling Monday on Interstate 84 before stopping between the Idaho and Oregon border to offer assistance to a driver who had lost control on black ice and crashed into a bridge.

According to OSP, a third vehicle then lost control on the ice and struck Arrasmith's Jeep. Arrasmith was flung off the bridge when the Jeep lurched forward.

Arrasmith managed to shed his heavier clothes and swim to a nearby island. First responders rescued him after hearing his calls for help. Arrasmith was then taken to a hospital for non-life threatening injuries.