Idaho Cyclist Says He Was Chased By A Gray Wolf

Jul 11, 2013

Gray wolves average between 80 and 104 pounds.
Credit Washington Fish and Game

An Idaho man cycling to Alaska suffered a scare after being chased by a gray wolf.

Thirty-five-year-old William "Mac" Hollan of Sandpoint says he also needed the help of friends to thwart a wolf that chased him last week — half-way through his 2,750-mile trip to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

Hollan told the Spokesman-Review the wolf charged out of the forest about 60 miles west of Watson Lake in the Yukon Territory.

Hollan — along with his cycling partners and other witnesses — says the wolf made an initial chomp at his pedal. As he peddled faster, the wolf kept pace and nipped several times at his bike packs.

He was finally rescued by a passing motorist and watched inside the vehicle as the wolf ripped his tent bag.