Idaho Democrats Hold State Convention This Week

Jun 13, 2012

The Idaho Democratic Party starts its state convention Thursday in Boise. 

They’ll elect delegates to the national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina where they’ll help nominate Barack Obama for President.  It's also when they’ll nail down stances on issues the party considers most important.

A party platform is a statement of principles that guides members on issues that they believe are essential.  Larry Grant, chairman of the Idaho Democratic Party, says, "That’s the big item. Democrats like to debate issues and platforms and things so we’ll spend a lot of time putting together our positions."

According to Grant, party members will consider issues such as jobs, education, gay marriage and reproductive rights for their party platform.  He's not expecting any deviations from typical Democratic Party positions. 

Besides delegates for the national convention, party members will also choose representatives for the national committee.  The Democrats' convention runs through Saturday. 

The Idaho Republican Party will meet next week in Twin Falls. 

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