Idaho Education Superintendent Says Technically, Teachers Can Already Carry Guns

Jan 24, 2013

Credit mrbill / Flickr Creative Commons

After Idaho schools’ chief Tom Luna made his budget request to lawmakers Thursday he explained his proposal to reporters. A reporter asked Luna his view on proposals floating around the capital to allow teachers to carry guns in the classroom. 

Luna responded by taking out a piece of paper and reading from an Idaho law that says school boards can authorize district employees to carry guns on school grounds.

“So there’s no requirement that the legislature pass a new law or a new statute,” Luna said. “School boards have that flexibility now if they so choose.”

Luna would not say if he thought the existing law was good. He said he’d reserve judgment until he’d heard recommendations from the Safe Schools Task Force. That group started meeting Thursday.

In 2007 and 2008 the task force studied school security in Idaho and made recommendations to improve it. Luna called for the group's revival after last month’s mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school.

Luna’s budget request includes $150,000 to fund the task force.