Idaho Fatal Shooting Suspect Charged With Gun Crime

May 31, 2017

Credit Dainel Lee / Flickr

A man authorities are investigating in connection to a fatal shooting has been charged with owning a gun as a convicted felon, but a judge said in court that the suspect may face other charges.

Twin Falls County Deputy Prosecutor Kiel Willmore told the judge that Billy Duane Johnson is the primary suspect in the death of William Newton Scott outside Johnson's home in the city of Twin Falls last week, The Times-News reported.

Willmore at Johnson's arraignment Tuesday said "the defendant is the alleged shooter" and asked Magistrate Judge Thomas Kershaw to set bail at $500,000.

Kershaw said he had been "told there may be other charges" but set bail at $100,000 after Johnson told the judge his family lives in Twin Falls and that he has no reason to flee.

Johnson posted bail. He has a 2004 conviction of battery or assault on a law enforcement officer.

Johnson told the judge he has changed his life since he was convicted.

"I'm not that person back in the past at all," he said.

Johnson was shot in the chest last Friday and died about 15 minutes later.

Prosecutors and police have not provided more details about the shooting.

Officials are "reviewing all the evidence to determine what happened," Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs said.