Idaho Fish And Game Begin Trapping Southern Idaho Grizzlies To Study

May 28, 2014

Credit Kim Keating / U.S. Geological Survey

State wildlife biologists have started trapping grizzly bears in southeastern Idaho as part of a scientific study and are advising visitors to heed orange warning signs at major access points.

Gregg Losinski of Idaho Fish and Game in a news release on Tuesday says the trapping has started and will run through Aug. 26.

Losinski says the trapping will take place within the Island Park Caldera and the Centennial Mountains of Idaho.

He says the bears will be trapped with snares and culvert traps baited with road-killed deer and elk. Once trapped, the bears will be sedated.

Losinski says the work by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team is being done to monitor grizzly bear distribution in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.