Idaho Gas Prices Fall, Catching Up With National Lows

Nov 11, 2015

Credit Chris Harrison / Flickr Creative Commons

It took a while, but Idaho motorists are finally getting to save big at the pump. The average gallon of gas in the state costs $2.26, compared to $2.21 nationally.

Dave Carlson with AAA Idaho says prices have dropped especially in the last two months.

“Idaho is slow to react to other market factors," says Carlson. "Part of that makes sense because we’re isolated from any other competition. So it seems like we’re always slow – especially getting to the lower prices.”

But he says now that we’re here, we’ll likely get to enjoy the savings for a few months as barrels of oil trade for less than $50 each.

As prices have fallen, Carlson says he’s noticed a trend among stations.

“Rid yourself of the load of gasoline that you currently have in your tank so you can buy a cheaper load. So it’s the perfect time if you want to do something good for your customers, [and] attract a little more attention. And that’s what we’ve essentially seen in Twin Falls.”  

Carlson says gas prices in that city are particularly low. Drivers their can fill up for about $1.70 a gallon -- more than 50 cents under the state average. He says the cheap prices there amount to a gas war in Twin Falls, with stations lowering prices to stay competitive.

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