Idaho Governor Calls Legislative Session “Great”

Governor “Butch” Otter said Friday the legislature had “81 very successful days.”  That’s how long it took to wrap up this session. 

When Governor Otter laid out his budget priorities in January, he wanted to refill reserve or “rainy day” funds, cut taxes, and give some state employees a pay bonus.  The details and dollar amounts may differ, but the legislature gave him mostly what he wanted.  For that, Otter gives the legislature high marks.  "I would give a good solid A to the legislature." 

About $35 million will go to replenish reserve funds, another $35 million will cut corporate and individual incomes taxes, and all state employees will get a 2 percent pay raise.  Otter avoided talk on a bill that was pulled late in the session - a requirement for women to undergo an ultrasound before an abortion. 

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